About Us

Welcome to Metalix Studios

Here at Metalix we are a bunch of guys that love to make movies and games.
We are what you would call an open source studio. What does that mean? This means we do this for fun, we make tutorials and assets in our spare time which we share on our website for free and even do the odd bit of work for other studios, but primarily we are not for profit, we are for making awesome stuff for free.
However, we do drink Red Bull in Industrial quantities to keep this site going, so if you can spare it, you are welcome to donate us a red bull!

What software do you use?
As you probably guessed already from our tutorials we primarily use Blender 3D and Unity. We are also very proficient in maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox, Z-Brush, Sculptris, Adobe Creative Suite and also UDK and Cryengine along with various other small softwares.

Got more questions?
Why not contact us?

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