Making the move to wordpress

It’s high time we started paying more attention to the Metalix website, so now we have officially moved to wordpress after being convinced by our friends over at
So let’s get a few things straight, so to avoid confusion.

I am leaving the old website online with the name of “Metalix Archives”, so all old links will work, and there will be a bunch of notifications on it saying it is no longer monitored, new site is here, yadayadayada.

Metalix tutorials is now Metalix Studios with a whopping team of 4 people!
Ok so we are actually a bunch of mates still looking to get into the industry but we need a central place that we can work on group projects and cool stuff.
I will be formally introducing them in a new about us page, but in the meantime:
Alex Telford (Me): Chief, Director, The guy with the biggest guns <- Yeah I still run the show.
Dan Peterson: Art Director, Concept Artist, Modeler, Texture artist <- He makes everything pretty. Or brutal. Mostly brutal.
Phillip Chan: Lead Modeler, concept artist <- Phil sculpts and models a nice heap of our stuff.
Joshua Nixon: Ok so Josh isn’t directly on the team, but we get Josh onboard as our Pro concept artist on some of our bigger projects.

So you will be seeing a lot more of us soon, so get ready for awesome

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