Day 1: Sci-Fi Floor Panel timelapse

Hi guys, this february I decided to make myself a challenge.
Every day in February I need to complete a project intended for game use, this can be floor and wall tiles, weapons and vehicles you name it.
Every day I have to record at least one timelapse.

Day 1: Sci-fi Floor panel

I decided to kick things off with a sci-fi floor panel, this was done in about 2.5 hours and is just waiting textures and baking to low poly.

Enjoy the timelapse!

Artist: Alex Telford
Music used with permission: 0p0 –


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  • callmedata

    Alex, about 12:45, it looked like you converted the biohazard image symbol to curves. Did I see that correctly? If so, can you please explain how you did that? It would be a real timesaver for me.

    • alextelford

      I simply imported a biohazard svg vector ;)
      I do this a lot

      • callmedata

        Cool. Any idea of a good place to find pre-made svg vectors? Or just look it up on the interwebs?

        • alextelford

          Thanks, and just search for whatever you need such as: floral vector

      • callmedata

        BTW very nice idea for a series. I like watching your workflow. Also, congratulations on Blender Cookie.