Day 12: Corner Desk Timelapse

Hi guys, this February I decided to make myself a challenge.
Every day in February I need to complete a project intended for game use, this can be floor and wall tiles, weapons and vehicles you name it.
Every day I have to record at least one timelapse.

Day 12: Corner Desk

A timelapse of a corner desk with equipment

Artist: Alex Telford
Music used with permission: 0p0 –

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  • blink_cg

    i didn’t know that i could learn so much stuff out of a timelapse, but i am learning alot!!! ….Day 13???

    • alextelford

      Glad I could help :)
      I’m currently out with Glandular fever but early next week I will catch up with all the days I miss :)

  • blink_cg

    No problem About Day 13… I was just wondering about a short cut key i saw you use in day two….You used it to straighten out a line of crooked verts. Are you using an addon called “StraightenPlus”???

    • alextelford

      Nope This was just scaling to 0 along an axis