Day 2: Sci-Fi Weapon timelapse

Hi guys, this February I decided to make myself a challenge.
Every day in February I need to complete a project intended for game use, this can be floor and wall tiles, weapons and vehicles you name it.
Every day I have to record at least one timelapse.

Day 2: Sci-fi Weapon

Today I made a sci-fi weapon, Camtasia crashed and wiped about 15 minutes of recording but you don’t miss much.

Enjoy the timelapse!

Artist: Alex Telford
Music used with permission: 0p0 –


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  • Zaffer

    Fantastic modeling! I watched it, but I still don’t know how you did the leather wrapping around the handle. What was that modifier you used? (too small to see). How did you get the leather to follow the planes of the handle? Thanks.

    • alextelford

      Hi Zaffer, thank you.
      The leather is a plane that is extruded edge by edge around the handle, I rotate the viewport a lot to do this so is hard to follow.
      The modifier is:
      Subsurf L2

      And for the wrinkles I apply the solidify and change the subsurf to a multi-resolution

      • Zaffer

        Thanks Alex. I didn’t realize you had answered this here and I asked it again at UnityCookie on Facebook. My apologies, but worth asking twice! Will try the Solidify modifier.

  • Frabl

    Realy nice work!

    I wonder if you could make a tutorial or a new video where you show us how to make a low poly model with normal-, color- and specular map.

    • alextelford

      Yep that will be coming. I intend to prepare a few of these models for games.

  • Joaclint Istgud


  • John Faurbo

    These are great. Thanks for providing them.

    Would be great to know how long it took you to do each model, or at least how quickly the video is sped up.

    A simple question on technique. At min 9, you create a series of openings in a flat panel (you do this at a few points). You start by adding a series of edge loops; that i can figure out. Then you duplicate them and evenly space them out… I couldn’t follow exactly how you were able to duplicate them while keeping them contained in-line in the mesh and then evenly space them all out. Would love a quick description.

    I look forward to the rest of the timelapses.

    • alextelford

      You’re welcome, The videos are sped up 5x-ish

      For the holes I created a bunch of edge loops and beveled them to get the gaps.

  • Lachlan Pitt

    Hi I’m new to blender and i was wondering if you could upload it as a model but if you don’t want to you don’t have to.(It was just an idea).

    • alextelford

      Hi Lachlan, I am planning to upload all of these to turbosquid at some point (Probably for $10 or something) but in the meantime there are some similar free models over at :)

  • Lachlan Pitt


    • Lachlan Pitt

      P.S. Love the Model

  • Guest

    Incredible Work! Very impressed, did you have a concept to follow or was this free-form modeling?

  • Garrett Ilkcagla

    Incredible work, very impressed! One question, other than the background silhouette, did you have a concept to follow? Or was this free-form modeling?

    • alextelford

      Thanks, I usually have a bunch of concepts on my second monitor that I take parts from. For this one I had a few from that I took a few ideas from