Resource: Rigging Pack 1 for Maya

Hi guys, I want to share with you a small snippet of some of my mel scripts I have made for maya to help with the rigging process, these scripts are small, but are used a lot during the creation of rigs.
The scripts include:

– This will create a null parent for your control curves, therefore resetting the curves rotation to 0 while keeping the local axis in a useable position.
– This will move all the selected objects to the last selected object.
– Like above but it will also apply the transformations
– This one will attach a selected control to a selected joint as an FK control, saves the hassle of remembering which constraint goes where.
– This one needs to be stuck separately on your shelf in a dropdown for best results, basically it will rotate the pivot of an object, useful in those aweful mirrored pivot situations.

So these are all available under CC-0 licence, this means do what you want, and you do not have to credit me. But if you want to credit me, that’s cool too ;)

Download from dropbox

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